Hey! wear your ear plugs!

On January 2nd I went in to have surfer's ear (exostosissurgery done in my right ear. It's been something I've known I had to do, but have been dreading. If you're not familiar with surfer's ear, it's bone growth in the ear canal from long term exposure to cold air and cold water. It's your body's natural way of protecting your ear drum - pretty amazing, right?  Well, my right ear was way overdue with about 98% closure of the bone growth so this past year I struggled with chronic ear infections. Yep, I should have been wearing earplugs, but didn't and this is the consequences of It.  

Friends out there who surf in cool/ cold water, please wear your earplugs when you can. Yeah, they're not comfortable or convenient at all, but neither is surgery and at least you can prevent ear surgery by wearing those plugs. Hoping for a speedy recovery and looking forward to be in the water soon! Obviously with those ear plugs this time around. 

Thanks friends!